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Ticket Resale Laws – Ask an Expert!

You’ve heard of it, maybe even had your tickets revoked — learn about the laws and ask an expert your questions: Gary Adler, Executive Director and General Counsel for the NATB, is speaking on the Revocation of Season Tickets. This live webinar is being presented by TicketNetwork, […]

How Do I Find Tickets Going On Sale Soon?

How Do I Find Tickets Going On Sale Soon?

If you buy and sell tickets regularly, chances are, you’ve got a system for finding tickets before they go on sale. Or if you’re a new ticket broker, maybe you have no idea where to start? Well..your life is about to get a whole lot easier. Introducing, […]

How To Research Sports Attendance For The NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA

Do you know where to get over 100,000 sports attendance records for the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL? Well, we’ll tell you. And best of all, it’s free. The sports attendance records are updated for each game the same night. You can view attendance records for individual […]

Free eBay Tickets Template For Our Members!

Thank you for choosing The Ticket Broker Guide! To celebrate our 5th anniversary, March 14, 2013 of teaching people how to become ticket brokers, we are giving away a free, fully customizable eBay template to help you sell your tickets on eBay. Here’s A Look at The […]

The Ticket Broker Guide Celebrates 5 Years Of Training Ticket Brokers

The Ticket Broker Guide is celebrating its 5th anniversary of helping people learn how to buy and sell concert and sports tickets for profit, on March 14, 2013. The guide originally launched back in 2008, when author and entrepreneur, Brittany Menard, saw there were no credible resources […]

How The Ticket Broker Guide Started 5 Years Ago

I got laid off – indefinitely. I worked at a clothing warehouse to pay the bills and put me through University while I studied business, sales and marketing. 5 other people got laid off as well, and at a small company, chances are, getting laid off means […]

Does The Ticketmaster Best Available Option Work?

Are “Best Available Tickets” really the best thing to buy from Ticketmaster? So you’re sitting in front of the computer at 9:59am, patiently waiting for tickets to go on sale, anxiously watching the seconds tick down to 10 AM, knowing that tickets will soon be available… You […]

How Do I Reset My Password?

If you’ve recently purchased The Ticket Broker Guide and either lost your password, or didn’t receive an email confirmation with your login info, then you can easily reset your password to gain access to your files. You can gain access to your account in 3 easy steps: […]

Ticket Resale Laws By State & Province

Ticket resale laws vary across North America, but of course you’ll still see tickets listed above face value in the prohibited states as the resale laws usually don’t seem to stop too many people with online reselling. If you don’t list your seat numbers, teams, artists or […]

Selling Tickets On StubHub? Learn How

Selling tickets on StubHub is a must for any ticket broker or fan looking to get rid of their extra tickets. This post will walk you through the listing process, step-by-step so you can successfully sell your tickets on StubHub. Starting Out? Here’s a StubHub Seller Checklist […]