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These bonuses are also included with the Ticket Broker Guide GOLD Edition Bundle which includes TWO extra reports that can make you more money faster.
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FREE Bonuses with The Ticket Broker Guide

When you buy The Ticket Broker Guide, not only will you be getting the best ticket resale guide on the web, but you’ll be getting 3 extra bonuses! Yes. 3 bonuses! No, it’s not a scam. These are actual real life – useful – guaranteed – information packed bonuses. These bonuses are so huge you’ll probably forget you bought the actual guide! 🙂 We simply can’t stress enough how much you’re going to enjoy all of these. You just have to see for yourself!

Free Ticket Broker Guide Bonuses

FREE Bonus #1: NFL Waiting List Reports

Looking to sell NFL tickets and make some extra money? Get our NFL Waiting List Report (a $15 value) that explain everything you need to know about the hottest NFL teams, including:

NFL Season Ticket Waiting Lists
  • How long you’ll have to wait to get season tickets for each team
  • How many people are on each waiting list
  • What the turnover rate is for people jumping off waiting lists
  • Sources and documentation to backup each waiting list length claim
  • PSL information/zones/allotments
  • PSL prices
  • Single game ticket prices
  • Season ticket prices
  • Season ticket holder perks
  • Club seating prices
  • Seating charts
  • Fan opinions
  • Waiting list costs

All the research is done for you and it’s included – and Just updated so you are getting the most up-to-date info possible! This is just an unbelievable report that we are throwing in with The Ticket Broker Guide GOLD Bundle. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how much information is packed in this section alone!


FREE Bonus #2: Ticket Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

If you want to sell tickets online, you need something heavy duty to keep you organized. This spreadsheet can’t be found anywhere else because it’s custom made for ticket brokers. It will automatically keep track of your tickets and profits, saving you time and keeping you organized to maximize your profits. This ticket broker inventory spreadsheet is packed with different formulas for automatically calculating things like:

Ticket Broker Inventory
  • How much money you’ve spent
  • How many tickets you have
  • What events you have tickets for
  • Payments received
  • Shipping status
  • Profit analysis
  • How many listings you have
  • How many tickets sold
  • Average profits
  • Type of ticket
  • Credit card used
  • Plus more, and fully customizable!


FREE Bonus #3: Extended Email Support

Have a question about buying and selling tickets outside of the Ticket Broker Guide? We can help! We believe in creating a long last business relationship with our customers which means we’re here to support you any way we can. Whether you have a question about buying tickets, selling tickets, general business advice, or an event prediction, contact us and we’ll help you as best we can with a 48-hour or sooner guaranteed response time.

Ticket Broker Guide Support

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sketched out about spending some bucks on a guide that will pay for itself with your first sale? Well, then selling tickets may not be for you. But if you haven’t decided yet, you can rest easy, because if you’re not tickled pink after reading the Ticket Broker Guide (including the bonuses), We will give you a prompt and courteous refund (offer valid within 60 days of purchase).

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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Please read and understand the risks associated with a being a ticket broker, and in opening your own business.

We have prepared information on risks, profit expectations and typical results  – you can read it here

As with any business – individual success depends on YOUR effort. Reading this eBook and doing nothing will make you nothing.
If, after careful consideration you DO decide to get into the business you will be risking your own money buying and reselling tickets. Using the techniques we teach you will reduce but not completely eliminate certain risks inherent in the business.

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  • Email Support For Ticket Related Questions
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