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Learn How To Make Money Selling Tickets Online With The Ticket Broker Guide

Learn How To Become A Ticket Broker & Buy and Sell Tickets Online

Make 50-300% profits INSTANTLY with The Ticket Broker Guide and start your own ticket broker business from home.

You’ll learn exactly how to get the best tickets and sell ’em for big bucks just like the pros do!

Jam-packed with over 100 practical pages about buying selling concert & sports tickets online – here’s what’s included:
  • Ticket selling strategies to maximize your profits
  • Learn which seats to buy and which to avoid
  • How to see if an event is to close to “selling out”
  • Uncover Techniques to Maximize your chance of getting great tickets
  • Tons of professional ticket broker secrets and techniques
  • Different shipping methods to ship your tickets
  • Key techniques for nailing profitable events
  • How to book profits with last minute sales – it’s never too late
  • When to buy tickets and when to release them
  • Learn how Ticketmaster really releases tickets
  • How to be the first to know about presales and presale passwords
  • Knowing the demand during an “onsale”
  • How to properly sell and split Ticketfast tickets
  • When and where to sell your tickets
  • Knowing if an event is actually “sold out”
  • Keeping your ticket inventory organized
  • How ticket drops work, and when they happen
  • How to get tickets before the general public
  • How to make money promoting event tickets
There are many more topics covered in this guide that I can’t list here because professional ticket brokers would be LIVID if they found out we are giving their secrets to YOU!

Learn How To Become A Ticket Broker & Work From Home

Buying and selling tickets is a great way to work from home, and becoming a ticket broker is EXTREMELY popular with students and work at home moms because it requires very little money to start up and you can start making 50-300% profits immediately. You can also set your own hours and decide how much time you want to spend working. The Ticket Broker Guide puts you on the fast track – so you can dive right in and start making money right away without getting stuck on a steep learning curve.

How to Become a Ticket Broker

122 NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL Ticket Resale Predictions

Ever wondered what teams the professional ticket brokers buy tickets for and what ones they avoid? You ’ll find out in the Sports Predictions section of the Ticket Broker Guide. You’ll learn how to sell tickets for every team in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. These predictions are freshly updated so
you can be sure you?re getting the most up-to-date predictions for the upcoming
MLB playoffs and NFL, NBA and NHL seasons! Learn more about these powerful event predictions

Ticket Broker Predictions

Power Rankings & Event Predictions For The 50 Biggest Markets Across North America

If you want to learn how to sell tickets, you need to know what markets to target and what ones to avoid. We rank the 50 top markets across North America from best to worst so you can see exactly where the money is, what tickets sell better where, and what ones to avoid. These are the exact methods professional ticket brokers use to determine what tickets they buy. Learn more about Market Predictions

Market Resale Predictions for Ticket Brokers

Learn EXACTLY How To Sell Profitable Tickets With Your Own Research Checklist

Get access to insider tips and tricks for determining profitable tickets. This Guide
will tell you exactly what things to research to make sure you buy only the right tickets. This 3 page checklist is worth the price of the guide alone because it tells you everything you need to know about buying & selling tickets. This checklist is not available anywhere else except in The Ticket Broker Guide!

How to Make Money Selling Concert and Sports Tickets

Ticketmaster Tricks & Tips The Pros Use For Getting The Best Tickets

You’ll be blown away when you learn how the pros get the best seats. Now you can get them too, because you’ll learn how Ticketmaster releases seats and not to fall into their trap. You’ll never buy tickets the same when you learn how the right way to BEAT Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster Captcha Tricks

100% Legal Techniques That Anyone Can Use

You can take comfort in knowing that we only endorse 100% legal techniques that anyone can use. We don’t promote spinners (illegal programs for buying blocks of tickets) or any other scams. This Guide can be safely used by anyone, and anyone can get the tickets they want.

Legal Ticket Broker Techniques

Ticket Drops

If you’re new to the ticket industry, you may have heard of a term called “ticket drops”. So what exactly are they?… Don’t worry, we will explain:

  • What Are Ticket Drops
  • How Do Ticket Drops Work
  • Recommended Ticket Drop Checker
  • Costs Involved
  • Pros and Cons of Ticket Drops
Ticketmaster Ticket Drops

Over 200 Pages Of Ticket Selling Goodness

By far the largest guide for learning how to sell tickets available! Low in fat – HIGH in content. This guide is jam-packed with killer secrets for buying and selling profitable tickets. You’ll be drooling over every page. And don’t worry, it’s an easy read. You won’t have to wade through pages and pages of techie mumbo jumbo. The author explain everything in easy to read steps and have broken the guide up into these sections:

  • An Introduction to Buying & Selling Tickets
  • How To Research Profitable Tickets
  • How To Buy Tickets
  • How To Sell Tickets
  • Shipping Your Tickets
  • Market Ticket Resale Predictions
  • Sports Ticket Resale Predictions
The Ticket Broker Guide

Over 200 Pictures Included

Over 200 pictures included for your viewing pleasure. Makes for an easy and entertaining read while you learn how to sell tickets with The Ticket Broker Guide.

The Ticket Broker Guide

How To Sell Tickets On Ebay, Stubhub, Craigslist & More

Learn how to sell your tickets on Ebay, Stubhub, Craigslist and more. This Guide will tell you the pros and cons of each site and what situations to use them. You’ll also learn how to maximize the exposure of your tickets and use different selling strategies to make the most money.

Learn how and when to list your tickets on Ebay, Stubhub and Craigslist. We’ll take a look at some inside tips for maximizing your profits and knowing the tips and tricks for listing on each site.

How to Sell Tickets on Stubhub and Ebay

How To Take Full Advantage Of Ticket Presales

If you’re buying and selling tickets you need to know how to be the first to find out about ticket presales and how to get presale passwords for free. Learn how to take full advantage of them and get tickets before the general public.

Ticketmaster Presale Passwords

Make Money Promoting Other People’s Tickets

We’ll take an in depth look at 3 major ticket affiliate programs and show you how you can make money simply by linking to tickets for sale. You’ll learn the affiliate commissions, resources for promoting tickets, and how to make money without even investing anything!

Ticket Affiliates

Start Making 50-300% Profit Instantly

What other business requires such little capital to start up and allows you to start making 50-300% profit from the start? Can’t think of one? Neither can I. If you follow the advice in the Ticket Broker Guide, you will be so ahead of everyone else trying to buy and sell their tickets, you’ll be laughing! You’ll be fast-tracked to the front of the line and learn all the secrets you need to know to start making this kind of money from the get-go.

Make Money Selling Tickets Online

Instant Access & 100% Money Back Guarantee

We know you want get your paws on this hot guide right away so that ’s why when you purchase it – no matter what time a day – you’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS, and the guide will be delivered right to your Inbox so you can learn how to sell tickets IMMEDIATELY!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Bonus #1- FREE NFL Waiting List Reports

Some NFL tickets are impossible to get, and others can’t be given away. You’ll find out every team that has a season ticket waiting list and also get access to:

  • How many people are on the waiting list
  • How many years people have been waiting to get season tickets
  • Seating charts
  • Ticket prices
  • PSL prices
  • References to backup the waiting list reports
  • and more with these NFL Waiting List Report freebies!
NFL Season Ticket Waiting Lists

Bonus #2- Custom Ticket Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

Along with your FREE NFL Waiting List Reports, you ’ll also have access to an exclusive ticket broker inventory tracking spreadsheet that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s completely customizable and packed with different formulas for calculating things like:

  • How much money you’ve made
  • How many tickets you have
  • What events you have tickets for
  • Payments received
  • Shipping status
  • Profit analysis
  • How many listings you have
  • How many tickets sold
  • Average profits
  • Type of ticket
  • Credit card used
  • Plus more, and fully customizable!
Ticket Broker Inventory

OK, Ready To Start Making 50-300% PROFIT Instantly?!

There are tons of events going on sale everyday, so the longer you wait, the more you’re going miss out on making 50-300% profits right from the start. Why not pick up a copy right now so you can start buying and selling your first set of tickets today? Then go for a night on the town, pay some bills, buy yourself an expensive dinner, or do whatever it is you do to treat yourself with the money you’ve made from your first sale!

So lets recap. This guide isn’t available anywhere else.

Why? Because professional ticket brokers would be livid to find out I’m exposing all of their secrets they’ve spent years hiding…until now! This is the information they have spent years researching and perfecting. But for just some bucks, you have the chance to learn everything about the business. Now that’s a smart investment!

Remember, we throwing in a FREE fully customizable Ticket Sales Tracking Spreadsheet, FREE bonuses, FREE advice, FREE NFL Waiting List Reports, AND a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s a super win situation!

You’ll receive your guide INSTANTLY – even if it’s 3 in the morning. So purchase your guide (freshly updated !!!) now and receive instant access to over 200 pages of jam packed ticket resale info, Ticketmaster tips & tricks, bonus features, and learn how to sell tickets online to start making 50-300% PROFITS TODAY!!!

Buy The Ticket Broker Guide Now!

Please read and understand the risks associated with a being a ticket broker, and in opening your own business.

We have prepared information on risks, profit expectations and typical results  – you can read it here

As with any business – individual success depends on YOUR effort. Reading this eBook and doing nothing will make you nothing.
If, after careful consideration you DO decide to get into the business you will be risking your own money buying and reselling tickets. Using the techniques we teach you will reduce but not completely eliminate certain risks inherent in the business.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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  • Email Support For Ticket Related Questions
  • 70 North American Market Research Reports (a $34 value)
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  • 122 NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL Ticket Research Reports (a $34 value)
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