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North American Top Markets Report

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Finding Hot Events is easy enough – but buying the wrong kinds of acts in the wrong city can leave your money tied up in inventory that doesn’t sell quickly, or worse yet, can lead to a loss.

Brittany learned things the hard way – through trial and error. By making mistakes (that cost money) she grew to understand the importance of solid research and a clear understanding of the top markets for live events is crucial.

Why make costly mistakes and do things the hard way?
Getting a proper education and key insights into the Secondary Ticket Market can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in rookie mistakes.

What are market resale predictions?

Market resale predictions are your guide to buying the most profitable tickets in the best cities. If you want to know how to sell tickets, market resale predictions are invaluable! Brittany ranks the top 70 markets across North America from best to worst and shows you where the money is. Just because a hot act is touring, doesn’t mean they will do well in every city. You’ll learn what cities to buy tickets for and which ones to avoid.

NEW for Fall, 2013: Venue Report Cards

You’ll learn the hottest venues and the ones to avoid with our easy to read venue report cards. By looking at ticket sales from 571 venues across North America, we’ve ranked them from best to worst. The numbers don’t lie. Some venues consistently sell out, while others are struggling to sell tickets. Find out what venues are the sure winners and losers with our report card rankings for each one: A+, A, B, C, D, F.

You’ll get access to 571 venue report cards across 70 cities in North America.

Concert Resale Predictions

Click to download your free, sample pdf report for the New York market and rankings for the hottest and worst venues!

How did you come up with these market resale predictions?

By doing A LOT of research. Ticket predictions and market forecasts are based upon years of experience from Brittany and other brokers – plus historical data of ticket sales and attendance figures, and countless demographics and economics statistics – all key for determining profitable markets.

If you want to resell tickets professionally, you’ll want to save yourself time and money by leveraging the hard work and research we’ve done to show you the way. We rank the best and worst markets for you, so you’ll waste less time doing the grunt-work and more time making the money!

Researching all 70 markets, and over 550 venues yourself will take weeks of intense focus and determined work. Gain the benefits of years of real experience by turning to this report and getting yourself off to a great start.

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