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The Top Venues Across the USA and Canada for Ticket Sales

North America Top Markets Report
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***Updated October, 2013 to include the all new venue rankings!

Unlock the Top Venues Across the USA and Canada for Ticket Resale

We’ve ranked 571 most toured venues across the USA and Canada to determine the hottest ones, and the ones that flop.

Just because a hot artist is on tour, doesn’t mean their tickets will sell well at each venue. Some venues have a proven history of being hot sellers. They have a good atmosphere, affordable tickets, and a history of good shows. Other venues struggle to fill the seats due to poor management, bad location and a number of other factors.

We take the trial and error out of the equation by telling you exactly what venues you should be targeting with our easy-to-follow venue report cards. The data we used to create these report cards is EXTREMELY HARD to find, and took over 1-year of research. But because The Ticket Broker Guide is the #1 ticket resale guide on the market, we’ve got you taken care of.

Would you rather spend over a year researching hard-to-find and expensive historical ticket data, or instantly download our 571 venue report cards for just $34? If you’re serious about your ticket broker business, we have a feeling you know the answer to that question.

Venue Reports are all NEW for Fall, 2013

You’ll learn the hottest venues and the ones to avoid with our easy to read venue report cards. By looking at ticket sales from 571 venues across North America, we’ve ranked them from best to worst. The numbers don’t lie. Some venues consistently sell out, while others are struggling to sell tickets. Find out what venues are the sure winners and losers with our report card rankings for each one: A+, A, B, C, D, F.

You’ll get access to 571 venue report cards across 70 cities in North America.

Click to download your free, sample pdf report for the New York market and rankings for the hottest and worst venues!

Researching all 70 markets, and over 550 venues yourself will take weeks of intense focus and determined work. Gain the benefits of years of real experience by turning to this report and getting yourself off to a great start.


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